Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Attorney Referral Program

For more than 150 years, NEA members have relied on their Association for support and service in many areas. The Association’s commitment to service continues today through the NEA Attorney Referral Program (ARP), a program that provides members with access to affordable legal advice on personal matters.

Each eligible member is entitled to two free 30-minute consultation sessions on unrelated matters during each membership year (September 1-August 31). If you need additional help beyond the consultations, NEA’s Attorney Referral Program gives you that help at rates below the participating attorneys’ usual fees. “Eligible members” are any Active member (teacher or educational support personnel) or Retired member and the member’s spouse and dependent children.

CEA and NEA have identified attorneys throughout Colorado who agree to handle certain personal legal matters for our members at substantially reduced rates. During the two free consultations, you may discuss any legal matter except income tax preparation. You may have specific legal work performed in five core areas at a 30% reduction of the attorney’s normal fee.

Our Association is committed to having only qualified, competent attorneys participate in our Attorney Referral Program. Before attorneys can join the program, they are approved by both NEA and CEA. They must agree to provide service at convenient times outside the normal work day and to discuss fees before they render services. They must be willing to accept fee payment by some installment payment plan, and in some cases, they will accept credit card payment.

The “Core” Areas
(30% discount on regular fees)

Wills and Estates
You can have a participating attorney prepare your will, assist with estate planning, provide legal assistance if you are named executor or administrator of an estate, or offer legal counsel in guardianship proceedings.

Real Estate
Participating attorneys will assist with the purchase or sale of residential property, disputes with landlords, property line controversies, and problems with zoning laws or land use regulations.

Domestic Relations
Representation in proceedings for annulment, divorce, separation, alimony, custody, child support, guardianship, adoption, paternity, and name changes are available.

Consumer Protection
ARP attorneys will provide assistance in disputes with creditors or finance agencies and proceedings with retailers concerning defective merchandise.

Traffic Violations
You can get legal representation to handle charges of operating under the influence, reckless driving, or other offenses involving the potential loss of license, a jail sentence, and financial liability in excess of $50.

You should contact the attorney directly and identify yourself as an NEA member participating in the NEA Attorney Referral Program. You are not limited to the attorneys in your area; you can use any ARP attorney on the list. You can also use participating attorneys in other states. If you want a list of the NEA Attorney Referral Program attorneys in other parts of Colorado, contact Suzie Brueske, PEA Office Manager at 970-223-7321 or email. Remember to discuss fees before the session starts.

Attorney firms in Fort Collins are in the Attorney Referral Program

Michael C.I. Bonafede, Esq.
1530 North Boise, Suite 104A
Loveland 80538
$175 hourly rate pre-discount

Robert C. Burroughs, Esq.
115 Second Avenue
Ault 80610
$125 hourly rate pre-discount

Joe Carroll, Esq.
425 West Mulberry, Suite 101
Fort Collins 80521
$150 hourly rate pre-discount

Samson & Brown, P.C.
No domestic relations
255 Weaver Park Road, #200
Longmont 80501
$115-$165 hourly rate pre-discount

Jeff Larson
No Real Estate or Wills and Estates
630 15th Avenue, Suite 300
Longmont, CO 80501

CEA-NEA Attorney Referral Program (CEA Web Site)