Friday, August 18, 2017

Works4Me Tips

Practical classroom tips written by teachers, for teachers:

  • Best of Works4Me: Back to School
    21 of the best back-to-school-themed teaching tips we’ve gathered over the years, each one authored a real expert, an educator like you.
  • Five Games To Learn Students’ Names
    Looking for a fun way to learn students’ names? Check out how these veteran educators do it.
  • Best of Works 4 Me: Mathematics
    These teaching tips and strategies will help educators prepare activites, games, and lessons for K-12 math learners.
  • Concentration
    Ms. Langenderfer put her own twist on the classic Concentration game. Students compete as teams while reviewing the entire year’s lessons, but in this game everybody wins.
  • Best of Works 4 Me: Motivating Students
    These teaching tips and strategies will help you motivate even your most reluctant learners to participate in the classroom experience.
  • Differentiated Reading
    Teaching reading is challenging when your students are at a wide range of skill levels. Here are some tips that can keep your higher level readers chellenged and your lower level readers improving!
  • Best of Works 4 Me: Spelling & Vocabulary
    Here are some tried and true tips that will help you teach two essential cornerstones of language arts: spelling and vocabulary.
  • Getting Students' Attention
    Here's an interesting way to motivate your learners: read about Mr. and Mrs. Beyer's activity that starts before students even enter the classroom!
  • Best of Works 4 Me: Transitions
    Tips and strategies to guide you and your students smoothly through the shifts and changes associated with learning, whether it's from activity to activity or from year to year.
  • Best of Works 4 Me: Grading
    These teaching tips and strategies will help you save time, boost accuracy, and overcome the challenges of grading groups, participation, and effort.
  • Special Effort and Participation Grades
    In Ms. Price's art class, effort and participation count for something. That's why she incorporates both into her grading scale. Read about the method she uses that creates a level playing field to all, regardless of talent and ability.
  • Plastic Seating Charts
    Ms. Benson has found lots of shortcuts to manage grades. Her favorite way not only saves time (and minimizes errors) in grading, but also helps her and her subs keep track of student health issues and seating assignments.
  • Time Savers
    "I have all the time I need", said no teacher ever. Here are some great time-saving tips from Ms. Kelsey.
  • Secret Test Number Codes
    This tip is not only a time-saver for Ms. Truelove, it's a way she can save paper, too. Best of all, when she posts grades, students can't see everyone's grades - only their own.
  • Class Homework Checker
    Having trouble finding time to track student homework? Enlist a student! Read about the way Ms. Murphy handles homework issues while saving precious classroom time.