Saturday, June 24, 2017

Works4Me Tips

Practical classroom tips written by teachers, for teachers:

  • Peer Behavior Management
    Every teacher knows that peer pressure can cause young people to make bad mistakes, but this veteran educator figured out how to employ peer pressure toward a positive outcome.
  • Screen Saver Spelling
    To reinforce spelling or vocabulary words each week, Ms. Knutsen employs this simple strategy.
  • Word of the Week II
    In Ms. Lanier's class, learning new vocabulary words is a production - literally! Find out how she taps her students' inner actors to teach the rest of the classthe meanings of new words.
  • Word of the Week I
    In Ms. Bonfilio's class, "word of the week" starts with a student selecting a word he or she doens't know. The class turns in several assignments about the word, and the selector evaluates it. Kids acquire vocabluary while having lots of fun.
  • Guidelines for Discouraging Cheating
    Here are some guidlelines gathered by an educator who wants to help you stop cheating before it starts.
  • Feeling Fit Mileage Club
    The PE teacher at Ms. Dean’s school developed a walking/running club for students and teachers. Keep fit in 2017-18 and motivate your school with this easy-to-implement program.
  • Facilitating Respectful Discussions
    Eileen shares a simple idea that will help you better manage large group discussions, especially ones that cover controversial issues, and help your students demonstrate respect and active listening.
  • Brightening Up the Classroom
    Don’t throw away the colorful handouts you get from conferences, trainings, and other meetings. Ms. Bryant has great suggestions for recycling colorful, discarded sheets to catch students’ attention and beautify your classroom.
  • Breakfast Graphs
    Ms. Dalano's tip teaches her students the value of eating a good breakfast while they work through a valuable math lesson. See how her her idea can nourish your math learners!
  • Bowling Sheets
    Wouldn’t it be dreamy if all your students reviewed yesterday’s work before coming to class each day? This bowling game review will “spare” no student, so everyone has proper motivation to be prepared – plus they’ll all have fun doing it!
  • Book vs. Movie vs. Mind
    A filmmaker’s vision of a book is almost always different than our own. In this activity, Ms. Reiling’s students read a book then compare the movie version with how they imagined it.
  • Teaching Parts of Speech
    Ms. Gill offers a fun way to teach parts of speech that involves a "colorful" brainstorming session and prizes, too! This activity helps with sentence structure and gives her students ideas for short stories.
  • Rekindle Your Passion for the Profession
    Has teaching to the test eroded your passion for the profession? Nancy has a small challenge, and a unique suggestion, to help you get excited about what you’re teaching and to infect your students with the same Passion Fever!
  • Club and Pep Rally Time
    Talk about making the most of your time! Ms. Ganger offers a great tip that takes fifteen minutes but give so much more. Read about her tip and see if it can work for your school!
  • CVC Story
    Teaching the consonant-vowel-consonant reading skill can be tricky, especially when you have to account for the pesky silent e at the end of some words. Ms. Klein shares a story that helps her first graders get the hang of it in no time flat.